Friday, May 9, 2014

“Hills of Virginia” by Defiant the Lion – A Song Review

     An email invitation included an alert to the song “Hills of Virginia” by Defiant the Lion. The invitation included a link that sent us to a Youtube video for the song. The first few seconds brought a crisp guitar with a Johnny Cash feel. Then, the vocals entered. Good news, there’s at least one band member with a good voice. After a few more seconds, the song became better yet, as more distortion-free guitars joined. We are not in the camp that pines for those days when distortion of any type was considered a negative to music. Particularly in a live setting, intentionally induced distortion can play a very positive role. Still, our preference is aligned with the cleaner guitar sound of Defiant the Lion.
     Defiant the Lion is a five-piece band based in Los Angeles, California. The members are Kyle Buckley (lead vocals), Nicholas Caceres (guitar), Renzo Bravo (bass and backing vocals), and twin brothers Ryan Wood (drums and backing vocals) and Chris Wood (guitar and backing vocals). Defiant the Lion will release an EP this summer.

      “Hills of Virginia” by Defiant the Lion

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