Friday, August 29, 2014

“I’m Not Coming Back” by Husky – A Song Review

     Husky is yet another reason to pay attention to the Australian music scene. The trio has had strong offerings in the past, such as “History’s Door.” But they stepped it up this year with their release of “I’m Not Coming Back.” The song uses the falsetto range very effectively, incorporates the trumpet (or at least an electronically generated trumpet sound), and is a sequence of change-of-pace transitions that maintain the listener’s attention for the full 3:27.
     Husky is from Melbourne. The members are Husky Gawenda (vocals and guitar), Gideon Preiss (keys and vocals), Evan Tweedie (bass and vocals). They visited the United States after the release of the previous album. One stop on that tour was San Francisco. We're hoping that history repeats itself.
     “I’m Not Coming Back” by Husky

     “History's Door” by Husky

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