Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Bronze Medal – A Band Review

     The song “Tunnel” became available for streaming about a month ago and we were immediately impressed. After doing a little research, we found that The Bronze Medal prides itself on slow builds. And Indie Obsessive obsesses over builds, slow or otherwise. Additionally, The Bronze Medal sneaks a trumpet into “Tunnel.” Incorporating a non-standard instrument into the usual guitar/percussion mix typically increases the depth and texture of a song.
     The only concern was that our appreciation for “Chill” tends to be mood-related. Two occurrences come quickly to mind - wherein during a first day a particular “Chill” song was placed on “loop” and allowed to play for an almost embarrassing amount of time, but during the following days we questioned our judgment. So, we resisted introducing “Tunnel” to Indie Obsessive until there was confidence that the appreciation was a long-term one. We are confident!
     The Bronze Medal is from Bristol, UK. The members are Rory O'Gorman, Chris Hillier, Daniel Rogers, Mike Barnett, and Robin Southwell. Their debut album, “Darlings,” is scheduled for release on October 6, 2014.

     “Tunnel” by The Bronze Medal (currently, this is a free download in the .Wav format)

     “Milk” by The Bronze Medal

     “Womb” by The Bronze Medal

     “Show Me Land” by The Bronze Medal - The beginning is reminiscent of John Lennon's "Imagine," but the departure occurs at 0:50.

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