Saturday, August 30, 2014

“Wolf” by Mammals – A Song Review

     Mammals is the pseudonym of Guy Brown, but the band also includes Nathaniel Joyce and Jake Fondleworthy.Brown identifies his hometown as Manly, Australia. He is now located in Sydney. If pressured to associate a single genre with Mammals, the best response would certainly be electronica. Still, Mammals will step outside of the genre, as in “Wolf,” a song that was inspired by the death of a friend.
     “Wolf” begins acoustically – not a typical start for someone with the processing skills of Guy Brown. An electric guitar and a kick drum enter at the 0:31 mark. However, it’s not electronica, even after the vocals undergo significant processing a short while later. If your tastes are similar to ours, you’ll agree that the first two minutes are enjoyable. Then, at the 2:09 mark, “Wolf” becomes blogworthy. The Soundcloud waveform visualizes the steady energy increase. At 2:48 a Rock guitar takes the focus, but a “cleaner” guitar, the drums and some electronica play a cooperative role.
     “Wolf” by Mammals

     “Codeine Eyes” by Mammals

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