Friday, August 15, 2014

"Nineties Child" by NÖME – A Song Review

    NÖME is a four-piece anthemic band that recently released an EP entitled “Eagle.” The members of the London-based band are Rachel (lead vocals, keys and rhythm guitar), Jack (lead guitar), George (bass) and  Kayleigh (percussion). Count Indie Obsessive among its quickly growing base of fans.
     If you attend a concert performance of the New York band Bleachers, the lead singer (Jack Antonoff) will ask if you are a child of the Nineties. Then, they will launch into a cover of the Nineties hit “Dreams” by the Cranberries. Well, NÖME does them one better; the song “Nineties Child” is receiving much deserved attention in the blogosphere. But our preference may be the title track, “Eagle,” since the first half of the song captures all of the features that we love from the Australian band The Jezabels.

     "Nineties Child" by NÖME

     "Eagle" by NÖME

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