Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bondax- Band Review

Bondax is a DJ duo from Lancaster England.  The two teens (that’s right, teens!!) produce their own sounds that consist of chopped beats and endearing pop vocals, with a cool electro vibe.  George Townsend and Adam Kaye started remixing tracks as a duo in 2010, but eventually turned into cooporating in creation of originals.  The band started with just George, with Adam being a quick addition because of his ability to play instruments. Bondax has mostly been touring the UK, but will make appearances on the East Coast this upcoming month. They have a romantic feel, but they consider their tracks to have a “garage sound.”  They have four songs for free download via their FaceBook page, and eight songs total; all of which are singles or songs on EP’s (extended plays).  "Gold" is the first song that caught our attention, but "You're So" came in as a close second. 

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