Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trapdoor Social - Band Review

     Trapdoor Social is a duo from the Los Angeles area. Merritt Graves and Skylar Funk met because they both were in an Environmental Analysis program at Pomona College. They explain that the concern for the environment is channeled into the music, which they describe as “a driving, emotive alt-pop experience.”
     The whistling that starts the song “Away” initially brought our attention to Trapdoor Social, but it’s the music as a whole that maintains that attention. We’ve been a little more alert to whistling since we saw the group “Bad Books” and the front man stated that they wouldn’t have incorporated whistling into the song “Forest Whitaker” had they known how difficult it is to whistle during a live performance. Just two weeks ago, we went to a concert in which a singer had to switch to an alternative approach because he couldn’t duplicate the whistling in the song “5 Years Time” by Noah and the Whale (Now, there’s a great illustration of a song not requiring any complexity to be interesting).

     Quid pro quo (Is it appropriate to use Latin when the Pope is stepping down? If not, we meant to say, “Something for Something”). There isn’t an actual connection between the two, but Trapdoor Social is allowing free downloads of much of their music and is in a KROQ runoff in which we can help raise the visibility of the band if we vote for their song over songs of other artists. In the KROQ runoff, there are a number of interesting songs, but we did truthfully vote for the Trapdoor Social song – “Like You Never." The KROQ voting occurs at CLICK HERE FOR KROQTo be fair, we emphasize that Trapdoor Social is not offering free downloads as enticement for your vote.

"Away" by Trapdoor Social

The SoundCloud link for the Free, Legal and Recommended download (FLR download) is: 

"Death of a Friend" by Trapdoor Social

The SoundCloud link for the FLR download is: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

"Inertia" by Trapdoor Social - As a substitute for the Soundcloud version, here is the video (the FLR dowload site follows the video).

The SoundCloud link for the FLR download is: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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