Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Eastern Sea - A Concert Opportunity

     In 2012, we went to the Austin City Limits Festival. We were pleased with the city, the performances, and the festival atmosphere. One of our best memories was the Sunday performance by The Eastern Sea. The members of the band are engaging, energetic and enjoyable to watch.
     Since our return from the festival, we’ve sent a few inquiries to the band about the possibility of a tour to the West Coast. We were assured that it was in the works. Today, The Eastern Sea announced at least some of the dates. More are likely to be added. The confirmed dates are:
April 3 in San Francisco, CA – at The Brick & Mortar
April 4 in Los Angeles, CA – at the Satellite
April 5 in San Diego, CA – at the Soda Bar
April 6 in Phoenix, AR – at the Pub Rock
April 7 in Albuquerque, NM – at the Low Spirits

     According to the band’s Facebook page, the current members of The Eastern Sea are:
a) Matthew Philip Hines, Kevin Thomas, Charley Siess, and John Rawls
b) Contributing Members: Lauryn Gould, Shawn Jones, Michael Dymowski, Christopher Cox

     Matt Hines is the front man, but certainly not the only one with “game.” We are looking forward to seeing the band at their S.F. stop, and already have five tickets. They are touring with the Kopecky Family Band.
    Below are some songs we favor. Unfortunately, there is not an isolated version of "Plague" on SoundCloud (the 42 seconds that start at the 1:58 mark in "Plague" are "classic," as Hines and the trumpet match pitch to start and then get better from there).

     “The Match” by The Eastern Sea

     “The Line” by The Eastern Sea

     “Snow” by the Eastern Sea

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