Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wake Owl - Bird Related Posts Part II

     This is the second of four blog entries within a bird theme.  This one is directed to Wake Owl, a project of Colyn Cameron.  Cameron is a songwriter from Vancouver, Canada.  He has been releasing material for close to a decade, but his first Wake Owl album is a 2013 release.The album is entitled "Wild Country."
     We enjoy the title track of "Wild Country," but another song on the album steps forward as the keeper. "Gold" made its way to an episode of the television series Grey's Anatomy, creating a small stir.  Below is the SoundCloud version and the Grey's Anatomy version.
"Gold" by Wake Owl

The same song on "Grey's Anatomy"

S.F. CONCERT ALERT - Wake Owl will be performing at Hotel Utah in San Francisco on Friday March 8, 2013.  For information, visit

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