Saturday, February 23, 2013

Free Download - Hearts & Plugs Sampler

     In a January 25, 2013 blog entry, we sang the praises of Brave Baby (that entry is CLICK HERE).  Brave Baby is a South Carolina-based band that may prove to be a 2013 breakout.
     Then about a week ago, we received an email from the band's Indie record label Hearts and Plugs. The email announced the availability of an eleven song sampler as a Free, Legal and Recommended download (FLR download). The sampler includes three songs from Brave Baby, one of which is our favorite - "Living in a Country."
     If for no other reason, the sampler is recommended because of the Brave Baby songs. But there are other opportunities as well. ELIM BOLT has received some favorable reviews.
     This download does not require entry of an email address.

The bands, songs and times on the sampler are:

1.  Brave Baby - "Magic and Fire"  04:16  
2.  ELIM BOLT - "Farm Kid"  04:41  
3.  The Lovely Few - "Sci Fi Novels"  02:59 
4.  Mr. Jenkins - "Suddenly, I Don't Feel So Afraid"  01:55  
5.  Brave Baby - "Lakeside Trust"  03:49 
6.  ELIM BOLT - "Only You"  02:42  
7.  Mr. Jenkins - "You're Free"  03:14  
8.  Run Dan Run - "First Love"  04:24  
9.  Brave Baby - "Living In A Country"  04:03  
10. ELIM BOLT - "Field (Punk Ending)"  04:14  
11. The Lovely Few - "Orion"  04:31  

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