Monday, February 25, 2013

Galleries - Band Review

     Last week, the Galleries released a new song. “Wilderness Song” is another treat for their soon-to-be released debut album. There are many features of the song that are easy to like, but we particularly enjoy the short but explosive guitar burst that is best felt at the 2:14 mark.
     “Wilderness Song” by Galleries.

     Galleries is a four-piece Indie band from Glasgow, Scotland (Yes, another great band from Scotland). The members are David McAdam (vocalist and guitar), Ross Prentice (guitar), Adam Hall  (Bass) and Andrew Black (Drums).
     “Young Wounds” by Galleries.

     But our favorite Galleries song may still be "Rescue Plan." In 2010, Galleries made the song available to The Pop Cop (
      "Rescue Plan" by Galleries.     

     We are looking forward to the release of the album. It will be a great addition to our music library.

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