Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mt. Wolf - Band Review

     We love SoundCloud. It is designed to enable easy embedding of songs into websites. It accommodates collections of songs from various artists into your personal list, as well as “following” the lists of other people. SoundCloud sites identify the date on which a song was uploaded by the artist, so that the age of a recent track can be determined. An artist can allow free downloads under conditions established by the artist (time or maximum number). AND WE LOVE THE WAVEFORMS. One blogsite that we religiously frequent (Indie Rock Café) recently stated its preference for another approach. We respectfully disagree.
     Sometimes when you view the SoundCloud waveform of a song that you have never heard or only heard a few times, the song layout becomes interesting in itself. One example is “Underground” by Mt. Wolf, a London-based band. The waveform layout is more intriguing when it’s stretched more than below, but even at this scale it’s interesting to map the variations in the song to the fluctuations in the waveform. “Underground” is an undercurrent of beats in dubstep, which gives some understanding to the waveform (Oh, that explains everything, right? Yah, sure).

     The name of Mt. Wolf's debut album is “Life Sized Ghosts.” They describe their music as dream-pop. Not sure that’s helpful either. But we would say, if you wish Alt-J had stronger vocals, from a female, then this is a band you’ll enjoy.  Kate Sproule owns the voice. The other members of Mt. Wolf are Stevie McMinn, Sebastian Fox, and Al Mitchell.
"Hypolight" by Mt. Wolf. This is a 2013 release.

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