Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Away Days - Bird Related Posts - Part III

     This is the third of four posts within a bird theme.  We admit this is the furthest stretch, because the connection with the theme is based on the country of origin.
     If you ask someone in the U.S. to name her favorite band from Turkey, you are likely to only get a blank stare. That would have been our reaction until this year. Our new-found response is The Away Days. They are a four-member group from Istanbul. The conventionality of the band name is a contrast to the unconventional (at least to us) names of the members - Oguzcan Ozen, Sezer Kic, Berk Tekelioglu and Burak Serter. According to the members, the explanation is that The Away Days connotes "a feeling of not feeling at home, not belonging there."
     Well, The Away Days will indeed be away in 2013.  Next month, they will be in Texas for SXSW.  Here's hoping that they hit the San Francisco area as well, because the high energy dream-pop style would be a joy to see live.
"Dressing Room" by The Away Days. At least for a while, the song is a Free, Legal and Recommended download (FLR download).
October 21, 2013 update - The song is no longer offered for free on Soundcloud, but is legally available at

"Galaxies" by The Away Days - another FLR download.


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