Saturday, February 2, 2013

Free - NoiseTrade - Working for Exposure and Some Tips

It requires some searching, but NoiseTrade ( is a good tool for music discoveries.  Just steam the music and download the entire offering if you enjoy the songs.  The music is made available by artists of various genres, with the hope that the exposure will be beneficial and with the intent of expanding the artists' email lists.  At first, we didn't give our actual postal code, but started to do so when we realized that the purpose is to allow the band to send email notifications when the band is performing within or near that postal code.  If you are inclined not to distribute your main email address, just take the time to register an extra Gmail or Yahoo account.  However, even with regular use of NoiseTrade, the extra incoming email is not significant.

Each NoiseTrade page includes a button labeled "FREE DOWNLOAD," but if you press the button, eventually a window will present an opportunity to tip the artist.  Doing so is optional, of course.

Below is one of our favorite NoiseTrade downloads.  It is a collection of songs offered by the Indie record label Mom + Pop.  Freelance Whales, Metric, Tokyo Police Club, Tired Pony...
Just click on the Mom + Pop banner in order to get to the interface that shows orange arrows which can be selected to activate the streaming. 

If there is a problem with streaming the songs using this post, go to the NoiseTrade site:

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