Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Free, Legal and Recommended - Trending Toward Wind Power?

     It seems more common for Indie bands to use trumpets and trombones.  More importantly, it's working.  Here are some wind-aided bands we like. All but the last one is free and legal to download.  The last one is included because we have been "The Eastern Sea Obsessive."

      The first track is from a band endorsed by Tom Hanks.  The seven-member band is from Woodlands, Texas, so it would be more appropriate for their songs to be named for football players, not soccer.  Oh well, but Jeremi Mattern explained, "We named the song 'Messidona' about the greatest soccer player in the  world, therefore we said why not make a music video about the best actor in the world."  The official video includes scenes from some of the better Tom Hanks movies.  Included below are the video and the download link available via the band.

"Messidona" by Driver Friendly

     The download link is https://soundcloud.com/driverfriendly/03-messidona/download
If there is difficulty with the link, go to the band's Soundcloud offering and use the download arrow:
Another track we like from Driver Friendly is "Harsh, Harsh, Harsh."

      The band Quiet Company performed at the 2012 Austin City Limits Festival.  "You, Me & the Boatman" was one of the better single-song  performances of the three days.  The last twenty seconds of the Soundcloud version below was stretched out and performed with even more enthusiasm.  "Live to love and love to live" was repeated with the band members moving quickly within the confined stage area.  The trombone player almost "crashed and burned" while playing and back pedalling.  Live performances cannot be beat.
  "You, Me & the Boatman" by Quiet Company

   Unlike the other songs in this post, "Friends and Family" is not a recent song, but it's one of our favorites with a trumpet.  It's still being offered for free download by "Billy Cant Dance," the band's promoter.  It's a song about getting older and gaining perspective.
"Friends and Family" by River City Extension

     The song that is not free and legal, but recommended, is "Plague" by The Eastern Sea. It is the title song of the band's album. "Plague" has not received as much attention as other tracks on the album. In fact, if you only purchase one song by the band, "The Match" is our recommendation (but we also recommend not limiting yourself to one song by the group).  The attraction to "Plague" is the 42-second portion that begins at the 1:58 mark. The cooperation of the pitch of the singer (Matt Hines) and the trumpet (played by Kevin Thomas) leads to perhaps our favorite 42 seconds in 2012 music.  To be fair, other current or past members of The Eastern Sea are Charley Siess, John Rawls, Lauryn Gould, Michael Dymowski, Shawn Jones, Chris D'nunzio  and Chris Cox.
The song is not available on Soundcloud. So, we go to Bandcamp.  You probably will need to adjust your volume setting.

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