Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Are You Calling” by Flagship – A Song Review

     The expression is, “Some things are just meant to be.” Today, we were not sure which song or band to introduce to the Indie Obsessive blogsite. With interesting music surfacing on an almost daily basis, there are always attractive options. Then, we saw a parked black car with yellow lettering along both sides. It was a company vehicle of Flagship, Inc., which is a facilities management business. The car's yellow lettering boldly identified "FLAGSHIP." So, blogsite, we would like to introduce you to “Are You Calling” by Flagship.
     “Are You Calling” will be a track on Flagship’s debut album that will drop on October 8, 2013. If the other tracks have a similar approach to changes of pace and quality arrangement, Flagship has the potential to explode. Individual features that we enjoy include the echo in the background vocals and the energy swell that occurs between the 2:34 mark and 2:48 mark (when the guitar bursts in). Currently, the song is being offered as a free download by the band’s record label – Bright Antenna Records.

     Flagship is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The members are Drake Margolnick (lead vocals), Matt Padgett (lead guitar), Michael Finster (drums), Grant Harding (keys), and Christopher Comfort (bass).
      “Are You Calling” by Flagship

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