Wednesday, September 11, 2013

“Wrecking Ball” – Song Alternatives

     Miley Pug (Pug? - you know, the breed of dog that is more comfortable with its tongue extending from its mouth) released a song entitled “Wrecking Ball.” No offense to Ms. Pug, but there are other songs of the same title that we enjoy more. We are sure that Ms. Pug’s music will continue to sell, and we wish her well. But, as always, we prefer Indie artists.

     City Light is a San Francisco band. The song "Wrecking Ball" is one of the tracks from the album that was released in May 2013. The song is simple, but carries its message well. The members of City Light are Matthew Shaw, Nick Andre, Marc Bianchi, Andy Fitts, and Shawn Doyle.Facebook:

      Young Hunting offers their “Wrecking Ball” as a free download. It is a mellow offering, and it is worthwhile even before the trumpet at the 2:57 mark. The trumpet makes this "Wrecking Ball" one that we prefer to Ms. Pug's. Young Hunting is a Los Angeles band.

      Yes, this “Wrecking Ball” appeared well before 2013, but we like the use of the banjo by Mother Mother. This is a band from Vancouver, Canada. On September 18, 2013, the band will release its fourth studio album.

     Returning to 2013, the “Wrecking Ball” of Poor Remy is interesting, particularly when the violin kicks in. Poor Remy describes itself as follows:
We live in Queens
We remember Ohio
We yell about our feelings
There's room for you

     Lastly, a bending of the rules, since this is “Wrecking Ball Heart” and is 2012. Andrew McMahon is based in Los Angeles.

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