Tuesday, September 24, 2013

“You Don’t Know Me” by The Polyphonic Spree – A Song Review

     With some groups, it is fair to say that they are literally all over the map, if their touring schedule covers multiple continents in a small number of months. For other groups, it is fair to say that their music is figuratively all over the map, if the genre varies from song to song. Geographically, the music of The Polyphonic Spree doesn’t cover as much territory as some other bands, but the “all over the map” label is justified. Sometimes The Polyphonic Spree is singing Christmas carols, and other times it is covering the grunge band Nirvana (“Lithium”).
      Well, at least one song on The Polyphonic Spree’s recent album has landed in a location that is drawing visitors. The song is “You Don’t Know Me.”  
     The Polyphonic Spree is a Dallas, Texas band led by Tim DeLaughter. The music of the band includes a variety of elements, but particularly features choirs and horns. This is apparent almost from the beginning of “You Don’t Know Me.”

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