Friday, September 27, 2013

Made, Unmade and Not Made in China – Song and Band Reviews

     There was another award show this week. We didn’t have time to watch it. But we did read a list of nominees. Among the nominees for an Emmy was the documentary “Unmade in China.” We didn’t see that either. However, we did see a way to segue this complete lack of knowledge into a blog entry.
     The title of the documentary covers one possibility, namely the situation in which a product is “unmade” and this unmaking occurs in China. We want to cover two other situations, namely a song entitled “Made in China” and a band named Not Made in China. And because our favorite blog-related number is “3,” a song from the band Everything Is Made in China is included. 
     Antonio Paul is a duo from Bunbury, Western Australia. The band name is the combination of their surnames, rather than first names. Marc Antonio and Michael Paul provide a high energy style of music. “Made in China” is a good example. Currently, the song is offered as a free download.  

      Not Made in China is a group from Bournemouth, Britain. The members are Tiff Wheaton-Green (guitar and vocals), Gavin Blackhall (bass and vocals), Matt Musial (guitar), and Joe Johnston (drums). Our song of preference is “Easter Weekend.”  The vocals in “Easter Weekend” aren’t demanding, but they are interesting. But we particularly like the Bella Fleck-type guitar work featured between the 1:40 and 2:08 marks. According to their Facebook page, “Originally formed in 2006 as a melancholy guitar/keyboard combo, Not Made In China have since blossomed into the vibrant afro-beat tinged pop quartet…”
     “Easter Weekend” by Not Made in China

     “Perfect” by Not Made in China

Bandcamp (if Soundcloud is not responsive)

     Everything Is Made in China is a trio in Moscow, Russia. The members are Max Fedorov (vocals, guitar, effects), Alexander Bykov (drums), and Phill Premyak (bass, keyboards). “Parade” is currently a free download.

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