Sunday, September 1, 2013

Best Songs of 2013, So Far

     At the end of a calendar year, everyone and their blogger has a list of favorite songs of the past twelve months. We admit to being obsessive in trying to look through as many as we can. There is no better way to reduce the possibility of overlooking a song that can be a mood-changer for you. But while the lists may be plentiful in December and early January, there aren’t many that make their appearance on September 1. But we are nothing, if we’re not unconventional.
     So, we are providing our ranking, using the above formula. For two reasons, we will not provide full descriptions of the formula’s factors and the justifications for the process (the second reason is infinitely more important than the first). First, we don’t want to insult anyone’s intelligence - the complex portion of the formula is an adaptation of the well-known arbitrage pricing approach developed in 1973 by Fisher Black and Myron Scholes. We suspect you use this formula for all of your arbitrage-related endeavors, just like us. More importantly, since the complex portion is than multiplied by “0,” the values within the complex portion are irrelevant to the outcome.
     Consequently, the ranking of a particular song is based on its value of “P,” where “P” is personal preference. Pretty simple – if we like a song, it ranks higher than songs we don’t like (sorry Miley).

     As a warning, this blog entry may change over time. Accuracy is difficult, even when using the above complex formula. So, we want to leave the door open for adjustments. That said, our top songs in a quasi-scientific order are:

     "Speak" by Spring Offensive

     "My Type" by Saint Motel

     "Steam Dream" by Andy Clockwise - THIS SONG IS SPECIAL

     "All the Days" by Haerts

     "The Good & the Mean" by TAPE JUNk

     "I Can Make You Love Me" by British India

     "Thinking of You" by The Night VI

     "The Park" by These United States

     "Sahara" by Bear's Den

     "Grand Union" by Arthur Beatrice

     "We Belonged" by Mark Stoney

     More will be added...

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