Wednesday, September 25, 2013

From the Mailbox – Evil Eyes Update

     In July, we introduced the San Francisco band Evil Eyes to the Indie Obsessive blog. That entry can be accessed by CLICKING HERE
     Today, we received an email notification that Evil Eyes released a video for their single “Shake the Dust.” We enjoyed the video and appreciated hearing the song again. Below, we pasted the body of the email and we embedded the video.

Hey there,
We just finished a music video for our single "Shake the Dust". It's a 50's dancehall theme, all black and white, shot in a crazy Latvian church in San Francisco. It has greasers, babes, and dust. We thought you would dig it.
Would be killer if you'd like to share it on Indie Obsessive. Hope all is well!

-joe & greg

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