Saturday, September 21, 2013

Promotional Free Samplers

     It is the last day of summer, so let’s get the Summer Tour Sampler posted today. In reality, the music will sound just as good tomorrow. But we are all about perfect timing, unless we are early or late.
     Paste is offering this sampler for the price of an email address. Tips are appreciated, but not required. Merely click on the arrow in the embedded offering to try the songs. Although the song by The 1975 doesn’t sound like the other material from the group, we recommend that you listen to it. We seem to like everything that Ivan & Alyosha generate. The Hey Marseilles song is too much like Death Cab for Cutie for our tastes, but you may feel differently. Lighthouse and the Whaler is interesting.

     Our favorite song by Ivan & Alyosha is “Running for Cover,” which was part of the 2013 SXSW offer. So, we embedded that offer below. We recommend holding back from making the decision regarding the free download until after hearing the Easter Island song.

     Last year, Paste accumulated songs for a Festival Sessions. It is still available and it includes some readily recognized artists.

     Matt Pond is currently allowing downloads of the EP “THREEEP.” We particularly enjoy “Starting.” 

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