Thursday, September 19, 2013

Indie Obsessive Mailbox – The Scholars, Running Red Lights, and Young Rebel Set

     On a somewhat regular basis, the Indie Obsessive mailbox receives invitations to review the music of artists. Many of the songs are interesting, but not blogworthy. Recently three invitations caused the mailbox to hum. In order to share both the communications and the music, we have pasted selected portions of the invitations and have embedded at least one song.

     The first one is from The Scholars. The body of the email message:
I'm Chris and I'm in an Alt/Rock band from Oxford called 'The Scholars'. We are releasing our latest single on iTunes on September 30th and was just wondering if you would be interested in reviewing the track?
If you need any more information, then please don't hesitate to ask!
Many thanks,
Chris Gillett
{The Scholars} 
      "Neon Sky (Stars)" by the Scholars

       The second one of interest is from Running Red Lights of Toronto, Canada.
Hello Indie Obsessive, 

Running Red Lights has been the air we breathe for over seven years now. From the beginning, the band was extremely fortunate to find a receptive audience, especially from influential music industry supporters.

The allure of the industry, and the chance to play music full-time, can have a powerful hold on a musician. We strayed from our musical convictions, but in a stroke of luck we were released. The industry suddenly disappeared. This vanishing we found our integrity, uniformity and honesty. We found our genuine voices.

You can hear our first single ‘Mulberry Love’ at our bandcamp. You can also download the song for free. It features Scarlett and Kevin sharing lead vocals. We’ve made a limited run of 7” lathe cuts that will be only available on our west coast tour.
‘Mulberry Love’ will appear on forthcoming debut LP. Release is set for January 2014.

Love and Music, Always

Running Red Lights

     In “Mulberry Love,” we particularly like the vocal interplay toward the end of the song.

     Because we enjoy the music of Running Red Lights, we are adding “Love Letter Airplanes.”

     An invitation from Young Rebel Set arrived today, which triggered this post.
 Hi there,
Hope things are great with you & you don't mind me contacting,
I just wanted to drop you a line about an ace band we're working called Young Rebel Set - it'd be amazing if there's any consideration you could give to an album review at Indie Obsessive?
You can listen to their second album due for release on Sept. 30 here : do let me know if you'd prefer a download link. 

Young Rebel Set's new album 'Crocodile', is out 30th September on Ignition Records (Ignition Management's label as you prob know), produced by Paul Savage of The Delgado's. They sound a bit like The Coral, if a little less whimsical and more anthemic. Either way, they've got tunes. They received NME support around their debut album a couple of years ago, including a Radar.

Anyway, I've attached more info below - it'd be great to hear your thoughts,
Many thanks,

Rather than the entire album, we are embedding the song that we found most interesting, but that may change as we go through the songs a few more times.
     "If I Was" by Young Rebel Set from Stockton on Tees, Britain.

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