Friday, September 13, 2013

Yusaf Asak and Bootstraps – Similar Vocal Styles

     Yusaf Asak works his magic in Scotland, while the Bootstraps are a band in Los Angeles (via Portland, Oregon). So, it is unlikely that they go to the same voice coach. But there is a striking similarity (striking at least to us) between the vocal styles. We don’t have a large enough vocabulary to be able to put a word to the style. Wheezy? Eccentric? But our vocabulary is sufficient to identify our reaction – appreciative.
     “Smile Tactics” is currently being offered as a free download by the Recording Label of Yusaf Asak. Jump on it! It’s a song for which familiarity makes the ear grow fonder (Why do bloggers say stuff that makes no sense?). “Smile Tactics” was released in November 2012, but we didn’t discover the track until February of this year, so we consider the song a 2013 qualifier for "Best songs of the year." Asak is based in Glasgow, Britain.
      "Smile Tactics" by Yusaf Asak

     “Fortyfive” is our song of preference from Bootstraps. The members of the band are Jordan Beckett, Nathan Warkentin, and David Quon. They received some well-deserved attention when “Fortyfive” was aired on the pilot for ABC's Twisted in June 2013.
     “Fortyfive” by Bootstraps


     Also based in Glasgow is Holy Esque, a band that should be mentioned if we are looking at the vocal styling. "Rose" is our favorite by the band.


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