Thursday, September 12, 2013

Luke Sital-Singh – A Performer Review.

     We chanced upon the song “Nothing Stays the Same” by Luke Sital-Singh. It isn’t released yet, other than the BBC presentation below. In fact, the BBC offering only became available today. But sometimes we like a song so much that any hope for patience is lost.
     An album from Luke Sital-Singh is scheduled to drop on October 28, 2013 (at least in the U.K.), so “Nothing Stays the Same” will be more readily available soon. Again not having patience, we checked out other songs by the guy. We also like “Fail for You,” which is currently a free download. And then there’s “Bottled Up Tight.”
     Sital-Singh is from London. We continue to be amazed by both the quality and the quantity of music from the U.K. in general and London in particular.

     “Nothing Stays the Same” by Luke Sital-Singh

     “Fail for You” by Luke Sital-Singh

     “Bottled Up Tight” by Luke Sital-Singh

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