Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mie Dason Mie – A Band Review (Rand Beview?)

      When questioned about it, we insist that we’re not superstitious. And we recognize that the universe is not controlled by our actions (if it were, the best seller charts would look much different than they do). Still, there is no reason to avoid taking risks when avoidance is easy and does not have adverse effects.
      With that background, we want to let you know that one of our favorite toddlers has a first name of “Mason.” GREAT KID!!! Then, we want to say that because of "Toddler Mason," we have resisted blogging about a particular band. OK, it’s irrational. It’s particularly irrational when it’s revealed that the band has a member with the last name of “Mason.” Still, there is no reason to avoid taking risks when….
      With that longer background, we finally get to the topic of this blog – a band which we will rename Mie Dason Mie. The band is based in London and its four members are Samuel Mason, Stefan Ferguson, Dave Wade Brown, and George Cramer.
      We immediately liked their song “You’re Lonely,” which was our first introduction to the band. But it took a few listens before we started appreciating the swells, the quality of the vocals, and other features of the song. Then, we sampled other offerings of the band and discovered “Lost.” Still, we resisted writing a blog about Mie Dason Mie.
     This week, the band released another song – “Mother.” Resistance became more difficult, until we realized that the band can be easily renamed for purposes of Indie Obsessive. Sure, people using a search engine (Google) to find out more about the band will not find our post (unless they are equally irrational), but we can live with that.
      “You’re Lonely” by Mie Dason Mie - The 0:58 mark triggers the portion of the song we enjoy most.

      “Lost” by Mie Dason Mie

      “Mother” by Mie Dason Mie

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