Thursday, February 20, 2014

Arthur Beatrice and Bear’s Den – New Material

     In our minds, Arthur Beatrice and Bear’s Den are almost insepartely linked. We became aware of the two bands at about the same time (within a couple months anyway), their songs were ranked one and two in the Indie Obsessive best songs of 2013, we are scheduled to see both of them in the near future, and their performances will be at the same San Francisco venue (The Chapel). And they are both based in London. So, referencing them within a single post seems natural. Both have recent releases.
     There is some evidence that Bear’s Den brought down NoiseTrade today. A media splash (emails mostly) made it known that “Bear's Den have created a special tour sampler containing two tracks from each EP available exclusively to NoiseTrade for a limited time!” So, we went to the offer and repeatedly tried to take advantage of the offer. One stall after another occurred. Finally, we received an explanation by the following notice:
Whata ya mean, we got nuttin'! Moreover, attempts to go to other NoiseTrade sites have been slow today. Nice work, Bear’s Den (if you’re actually the cause, we are pleased about the well-deserved attention you are receiving).
     We’re not optimistic that it will be any better tomorrow, so we’ll be patient in waiting for the March release of the album. Until then or until the offer disappears, we can stream the song “Writing on the Wall” ((click the arrow in the embedded offer).

     Our favorite is still "Sahara"

     Next week, Arthur Beatrice releases their debut album “Working Out.” In preparation, they have been adding songs on Soundcloud. At least one seems to arrive each day. Songs that we haven’t already introduced to Indie Obsessive are embedded below.
     "Late" by Arthur Beatrice

     "Councillor" by Arthur Beatrice

     "Singles" by Arthur Beatrice

     "Grand Union" by Arthur Beatrice - We have posted this one before, but not including it would be a sin against our nature.

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