Friday, February 28, 2014

Cello – The Early Symptoms of Obsessiveness Have Surfaced

     Look out, we’re headed into another instrument-based obsession. This one shouldn’t cause people to start scattering in all directions (as we witnessed during our “Bagpipes-in-Rock phase). So far, only mild symptoms of a cello obsession have become visible. As an example, while listening to the car radio recently, an initial decision to change the station was interrupted by the thought, “Wait! Is that a cello?”
     We’re not prepared to present a top 10 post of cello-featured Indie songs, as we did with the trumpet during the previous obsession (CLICK HERE, if interested). But here are three songs that fit the theme. The cello is perhaps the best instrument to reflect seriousness, and these songs are consistent with that fact. To show the other personality of the instrument, embedded at the bottom of this post is the latest video upload from the 2Cellos, a duo from Croatia. 

     Solander is a duo based in Malmö, Sweden. They are Fredrik Karlsson and Anja Linna, who are supported in concert and on recordings by Albin Johansson and Adam Hjertström. In January 2014, Solander released the album “Monochromatic Memories” and announced a few concerts in the U.S., including a visit to SXSW.
     “All Opportunities” by Solander

     The second song is “City of Dreams” by Ruben Haze, who hails from Melbourne, Australia. Admittedly, we cannot find confirmation that the string instrument in “City of Dreams” is indeed the cello. Nevertheless, it has the sound that attracts our budding obsession, so it is included here.
     “City of Dreams” by Ruben Haze

     “Hypericum” by Gem Club is an example of effective use of the cello to create a particular atmosphere. In the song, the cello cooperates with the piano and vocals to “link beauty and sadness.” Gem Club is in Somerville, Massachusetts with three band members, namely Christopher Barnes, Kristen Drymala, and Ieva Berberian.
     “Hypericum” by Gem Club

     However, the cello isn’t necessarily somber, as the recent release form 2Cellos shows. This is a Croatian duo formed of Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser.

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