Wednesday, February 5, 2014

From the Indie Obsessive Mailbox – Mononoke

     The number of email invitations for Indie Obsessive to consider music has gone up five fold since the beginning of the year. That’s a good thing. Typically, the songs we like are flagged. A quick determination is too often an inaccurate determination. The flagged invitations are revisited over the following week.
     Well, an invitation to comment about the song “Bones & Glory” arrived with no background information. The artist is Mononoke, who released the debut sing “Alice” late in 2013. Lyrically, we liked “Alice,” although we found ourselves preferring less finger snapping. Well, “Bones & Glory” is stronger in every way. The vocals are more powerful and more emotion-filled. The instruments are minimalistic, but that is what best fits this song.
      This is the spot in the blog post that should provide some information about the artist. Unfortunately, we can find just a little more than absolutely nothing. The video for “Bones & Glory” shows a hand and a shoulder of a woman who might be the singer, but we can’t be sure. Mononoke established a Facebook page in July 2013, and the page has 617 “likes” as of now. The adjacent picture was found in the “photos” section of the Facebook page – let’s assume that is Mononoke, but again we can’t be sure. What we know is that Mononoke is based in London/Liverpool and seems to be signed with VDM Music.

     “Bones & Glory” by Mononoke

     “Alice” by Mononoke

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