Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Secretary – A Band Review

     Secretary is a band based in Seattle, Washington. They have a three-song EP that sometimes screams “Radiohead” (“Words”), but at other times announces that Secretary has its own direction (“The Only Ones”). They state that one feature that distinguishes them is “the band’s instantly identifiable gold-sparkle, tricked-out Fender Rhodes.”
     The members of Secretary are Craig Ellison Wolf (vocals, guitar), Em Maslich (bass, vocals), Max McSimov (guitar), and Luke Yanz (multi-instrumentalist). But the KEPX bio on the band refers to Craig as “Craig Michael Gurwich” and their Bandcamp page also refers to Jill Zirkle-Rhodes (vocals), and Chuck Kerr (drums) ((insert bad pun about the band needing a competent secretary here).

      While all three songs on the “Secretary” EP are highly recommended, our song of preference is “The Only Ones.” It is a difficult task to identify which feature in “The Only Ones” is our favorite. For a short period of time, the favorite feature is the entrance of the percussion and backing vocals at the 0:54 mark of the song. But then the 1:46 mark arrives - the first time the female vocals step forward to harmonize with the male voice. Wait, what about the isolation of the guitar starting at 3:27 – we enjoy the slow play in which the guitar strings are allowed to vibrate with clarity.
     “The Only Ones” by Secretary

     “Words” by Secretary

     “I Know It's Wrong” by Secretary

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