Monday, February 17, 2014

“Unbelievable” by Starar – A Song Review

      Starar knows the right combination for getting our attention. First, one of the members “liked” our Facebook page, which triggered an automatic notification to us. But more importantly, Starar submitted a song that we like.
     “Unbelievable” is a combination of soft-spoken vocals and mixed instrumentation. The song is consistent with the following description, which is included in the bio of Starar:
     “When we put a set of songs out there, the feedback would always be tremendous, but you still have to develop a sound that is both unique as well as contemporary to your audience. If you want to build that audience, you have to try new things to keep people interested.”
     Within “Unbelievable,” rather than at a set of songs, the contemporary aspect is primarily in the vocals, while the “uniqueness” of the band’s sound is primarily in the mixing. Particularly in the final minute, the mixing provides a choppiness that is not so significant as to disrupt the melodic feel of the song, but does set the sound apart from the norm.
     Starar is formed of siblings Jenna and Steven Starar, who are based in the U.K. (London and Lincolnshire). The two combined their talents in the writing of “Unbelievable.” The Soundcloud page for the "Unbelievable" identifies the instrumentation as being provided by Steven (Drums, Bass Guitar, Korg M1, Keyboards, and Saxophone) and Jenna (Vibraphone and Guitars).

     “Unbelievable” by Starar

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