Saturday, February 8, 2014

Brother as a Song Title

     The year is less than six weeks old and there have already been a number of song releases with the title “Brother.” According to the Chinese Zodiac, it’s the Year of the Horse. No one told the music world.
     The London-based The Mispers released “Brother” last month. There was a demo version last year, but it is not as dynamic as this album-ready 2014 version. Just as one example, the 2014 version has a violin introduction leading to the crisp guitar work.
     Sometimes it’s clear even from a digital recording that a band can put on a strong live performance that should not be missed. That’s how we feel while listening to “Brother.” Even if the lead singer (Jack Balfour Scott) cannot duplicate the voice quiver in a concert setting, we want to be there when he tries. The violin and guitar work would carry the song, if Scott cannot.
      The band is named after the police slang for “missing person.” The members of The Mispers are Jack Balfour Scott (lead vocals), Joey Arnold Zapata (rhythm guitar, vocals), Diego Porto Belmonte (lead guitar), Hannah Van Den Brul (violin, vocals), Jordan Grispino (drums).
      “Brother” by The Mispers

     Yeh, we know, the Mighty Oaks have already been introduced to Indie Obsessive. But there 2014 song “Brother” is deserving of being in this post. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Soundcloud version yet.

     For those of you who enjoy the music within the Electronic Pop genre, there’s “Brother” from Cape Lion. The song surfaced on Soundcloud about a week ago. Cape Lion is from Stockholm, Sweden and is comprised of producers/song writers Carl-Johan Sevedag and Martin Wiklund.
     "Brother” by Cape Lion

     If you enjoy banjo-infused energy, there’s one from 2013. The song starts quietly, but takes off at the 1:22 mark and continues to build from there. Swear and Shake is from Brooklyn, New York. Its members are Kari Spieler (vocals, guitar), Adam McHeffey (vocals, guitar, banjo), Shaun Savage (bass), and Ben Goldstein (drums).
     "Brother” by Swear and Shake - this one is currently a free download

     The next stop in the “Brother” tour is something of a dichotomy. The song is “Canadian Brother,” but the band is based in Hudiksvall, Sweden. Want proof of the band’s connection with Sweden? The members are Gustaf Johnsson (sång och gitarr), Per Svedlund (piano och backupsång), Calle Embretsén (bas och backupsång), Niklas Ohlsson (trummor och backupsång), Daniel Blom (sologitarr), and Eric Blomdahl (kompgitarr/elgitarr och backupsång). We’re convinced!
     "Brother” by Boufa Boufa

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