Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mark Stoney – A Reminder

     In November, we introduced Indie Obsessive to the music of Stoney (Mark Stoney). It was noted that his latest album was scheduled for release in January 2014. Then in December, we included his song “We Belonged” within the Top 25 songs of 2013. Embarrassingly, during a busy month, we forgot the release. Forgot - until an email reminder arrived from Independent Music Promotions today. Under the assumption that other people had equally busy times during January, we are passing on the reminder. It is pasted below the more important material, i.e., the music.

     “We Belonged” by Stoney

     “Sweet Release” by Stoney

     “Let It Go” by Stoney

 It’s James from I.M.P with a fresh release from an award winning British singer-songwriter who NPR described as recalling "a younger David Bowie with the dapper swagger of The Kinks." His debut album was circulated amongst musicians until it gained intensive media attention from places such as NME the Independent, leading to high profile tours with the Arctic Monkeys & Aqualung. Rick Rubin even flew Stoney out to LA for a private show.

Despite his growing success, Stoney, true to form, decided to relocate to Texas following a performance at the SXSW festival. Citing a need for "sunshine and change" he set up home and studio with a small community of "quirky poet and painter friends" in an old creaky house in Austin to work on new material.

Now, Stoney is releasing "More Than Animals", a full-length album every bit as fearlessly eclectic as his previous work, albeit more sophisticated and with an altogether darker tone.

The lead music video for "We Belonged", directed by Jeremy Ward and James Parker, is visually stunning and now live on Youtube:


Band/Artist: Stoney
Location: Austin, TX (Formerly Sheffield, UK)
Styles: Indie, Alternative, Rock, Pop
Similar to: David Bowie, Beck, The Kinks
CD: More Than Animals (album)

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