Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Racing Glaciers and Olivia Sebastianelli – From the Indie Obsessive Mailbox (Part IV)

     The Indie Obsessive post of February 3rd was dedicated to glaciers. It included two songs by the U.K. band Racing Glaciers. A few days later, we received a thank you and a heads-up that more was on the way. Specifically, songs from Racing Glaciers and another artist were to be released. The notice was:
     “Two tracks out next week; Racing Glaciers 'Moths' (mon/tues) & Olivia Sebastianelli 'Sunset' (thurs/fri).“ 

      Well, “Moths” is still not on Soundcloud, but it is available via Bandcamp. Better yet, “One Day We Will Lose Everything” is also available, and we might prefer it to the guitar-driven “Moths” (we’re at our greatest vulnerability when an Indie band breaks out the horn-guitar blend). Best yet, we also enjoy the song by Olivia Sebastianelli.
     Repeating the February 3 introduction:
     Racing Glaciers is from Macclesfield, Britain. The members are Tim Monaghan (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Danny Thorpe (guitar, backing vocals), Matt Scheepers (bass, Trumpet, backing vocals), Simon Millest (guitar), and Matt Welch (drums).
     “Moths” by Racing Glaciers

     “One Day We Will Lose Everything” by Racing GlaciersFacebook:

     Olivia Sebastianelli is a Londoner with vocal power. 

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