Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Red Sky – From the Indie Obsessive Mailbox (Part III)

     We don’t typically cover Metal bands, because other bloggers have a greater appreciation for the genre and are much better at describing the music within the genre. The same statement applies to the Rap genre. But to paraphrase Miles Davis, good music is good music regardless of what kind of music it is. So, we introduce Red Sky to Indie Obsessive.
     The email invitation to consider the video for the song “Il Flauto” by Red Sky was met with skepticism, since it referenced Rap. Specifically, the description stated, “Red Sky is a masked guitar player and a rapper, he merges most of all Rap and Rock, trying to destroy musical boundaries and create something unique and original with the best parts from every genre.” The skepticism didn’t stop us from heading toward the video. But wait, the video is full of vague sexual contact. The sexual content is not stuff we run away from, but we don’t gravitate toward it either. Still, “Play on video!” As we listened, it’s the guitar work that outweighed everything else. 
     “Il Flauto” by Red Sky from Milan, Italy.

          “Stelle” by Red Sky 

     Since we’re in the neighborhood (in terms of genre), let’s visit some friends, namely Esli and the music of Ballerina Black. The members of this Los Angeles-based band are Bobby Moynahan (guitar, vocals), Esli Sugich (bass, guitar), Scott Eton (keyboards, guitar) and Romeo Mendoza (drums).

     The Ballerina Black song that first got our attention (January 2013) was Birth of a Felony.” 

     A more recent offering from Ballerina Black includes “Red Pencil.”


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