Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Josephine & The Artizans – A Band Review

     A hip hop artist, a classical composer and an opera singer walk into a bar, discussing the latest of yet another collaboration between a pair of previously unconnected singers. Suddenly, the hip hop artist (let’s call him Kanye Southeast) blurted out, “Why don’t the three of us collaborate on an EP?” The opera singer (let’s call him Dom Ingo) responded, “That’s ridiculous, since even two of us could not put anything together that anyone else would want to listen to more than once.” Mr. Ingo provided six well-reasoned and well-articulated reasons why none of the two areas of music could be combined. To which the classical composer (let’s call him Moe Zart) emphatically shouted, “I’M IN!!!” Mr. Ingo took no time in confirming, “YEP, ME TOO!!!”
     If you have any curiosity as whether the collaboration of the three could possibly work, we want to introduce you to the music of Josephine and The Artizans. Quoting their Facebook page:
     “Josephine & The Artizans are a 10 piece London based Hip-Hopera band that consist of classical strings, operatic vocals, heavy beats and energetic rap. The group blend Classical music with Hip-Hop and Rock to create a unique, fresh and innovative sound. Each member of the band comes from a very different musical background, bringing something unique to the mix by adapting and merging their skills. Classical Vocal, Hip-Hop Rap, Rock Drums, Complex rhythms. You name it.”

      The ten members of Josephine & The Artizans are Josephine Permaul (lead classical vocals), Jermaine Davidson (rap vocals), Michael Wordley (rap vocals), Peter Clark (rap vocals), Laura Seddon (cello), Rachel Stacy (viola), Tanya Cracknell (violin), Dee Biberian (drums), Lloyd Perry (bass), and Gregory John Madge (guitar).

      “Dear Father” by Josephine & The Artizans     

      “Lacrymosa” by Josephine & The Artizans  

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