Saturday, February 22, 2014

Reflective Music – Various Songs and Artists

     Sometimes a number of songs just seem to fit together. So, you burn a mixed-tape (shouldn’t it be a “mixed-disc?”) and a month later you either remain pleased with the results or ask, “What was I thinking?” The fit is subjective. But at least for today, these are five songs that belong together because they deserve far more attention than they are receiving, because they feature a purity in their vocals, and because they encourage reflective thinking.
.     Aquilo offers “You There.” This is a U.K. duo based in Silverdale. They are Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher (ages 22 and 18, respectively). The vocals are forlorn, working well with the piano at the start and the more inclusive instrumentation as “You There” progresses.
      "You There" by Aquilo

      Another song that uses the piano effectively is “Wild Again” by The Bright Smoke. The piano and vocals are from Mia Wilson, who also plays guitar. The other member of The Bright Smoke is Quincy Ledbetter, who doubles as the producer and guitar/bass player. The Facebook page states:
     "The Bright Smoke is the creation of Brooklyn-based musician, Mia Wilson. Formed in 2012 alongside producer/musician Q. Ledbetter, the sound blends blues, folk, rock and ambient experimentation with uncensored and personal lyrics that are both melodic and haunting."
      “Wild Again” by The Bright Smoke


      The third song carries us to a third continent. The Trouble with Templeton hails from Brisbane, Australia. The five members are Thomas Calder (vocals, guitar), Hugh Middleton (lead guitar, background vocals), Betty Yeowart (keys, background vocals), Sam Pankhurst (bass, background vocals) and Ritchie Daniell (drums). “Soldiers” is a recent release, but also embedded is “Bleeders,” which surfaced a couple of years ago.
     “Soldiers” by The Trouble with Templeton

     “Bleeders” by The Trouble with Templeton

     Keaton Henson is a singer/songwriter in London. Currently, he is allowing NoiseTrade downloads of the five-track EP “Birthdays: A Fragment” (embedded below)  But it is the song “You” that best qualifies for this post.
     "You" by Keaton Henson

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