Monday, February 24, 2014

The New Cossacks – A Band Review

     Thanks to another blogger, we were introduced to a song by The New Cossacks from Madrid, Spain. The most recent release of the band is a four-track EP entitled “Anhedonia.” The title is a departure from their prior approach to naming EPs, since it is not a Roman numeral. The band Chicago is known for entitling albums by merely increasing the Roman numeral count after the band name (e.g. Chicago V, Chicago VI…). The New Cossacks went a step further, using just the Roman numeral count for three EPs.
     Unfortunately, the songs from “Anhedonia” are not available on Soundcloud. On the other hand, the Bandcamp page is an offer of free downloads. We reviewed the older material of The New Cossacks. Applying what we heard from the past releases to the four songs of “Anhedonia,” we like the direction of the band. The emphasis remains on the guitar, but The New Cossacks are far more effective in the use of their vocalization.
     The members of The New Cossacks are Lara Blanco (guitars), Juanjo Gonzalez (guitars & vocals), Roberto Marmolejo (drum), Adrián De Pedro (bass) and Dani Ruiz (synth, piano, guitar & back vocals). Embedded below are our favorite two songs from the most recent EP (Anhedonia” from Bandcamp) and our favorite two songs from prior releases (from Soundcloud).
     "Raw Land" by The New Cossacks
     "Truth" by The New Cossacks

     "Rabid Animal" by The New Cossacks

     "Sand" by The New Cossacks - an instrumental

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