Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kodaline and LP – A Concert Review

Bottom line concert review: Kodaline was even better than expected and LP was off-the-chart unexpectedly good.

     We were prepared for the Kodaline portion of the evening and looked forward to their performance. But life got in the way of pre-concert listening to the opening artist, beyond hearing one song by “LP.” So, we didn’t know what to expect when a small statured woman with a Jim Morrison hairstyle stepped onto the stage with her ukulele, a drummer and a guitarist. With the first song, there was a “wow moment” that was followed by a decision to put some effort into gaining a better understanding of the relationship between voice strength and human physiology. A person with the outward appearance of LP should not be able to generate such vocal power (and whistling purity).
      Perhaps in order to appreciate LP, you need to see a performance. So, below is the video of LP on Craig Ferguson.   

     If you don’t know LP, but you recognize the song, it’s probably because a snippet was on a Citibank commercial that was so popular that the commercial was overexposed.

     LP is short for Laura Pergolizzi. Staying with initials, LP was born in NY, but is now a resident of LA.
     Because of LP, it would have been difficult to complain about the evening if Kodaline had been disappointing. But Kodaline delivered too. They are an Irish band comprising Stephen Garrigan (lead vocals, guitar, keyboard and harmonica), Vinny May (percussion and vocals), Jason Boland (bass and vocals), and Mark Prendergast (guitar, vocals and keyboard). Yes, they all sing, and they sing well. In fact, during one song, Boland took the vocal spotlight.
     The debut album of Kodaline dropped in June 2013. Below is a video from the performance (Thank you to the person who uploaded the video). 

     “Love Like This” by Kodaline

     “High Hopes (in session)” by Kodaline - volume adjustment needed

     “Levitator” by LP

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