Monday, February 3, 2014

“Glacier” as a Song (or Band) Title

     By coincidence, the list of songs being considered for introduction to Indie Obsessive included two glacier-related tracks. A little thought led to a third, which is the magic number for achieving post motivation.

     The French band Spiders Everywhere released “Glacier” earlier this year. The members of the band are Pierre Chamot (vocals/guitars), Halim Flak Douah (bass/cello), Quentin S. (machines/guitars), Maïa Kovski (vocals/keyboards), Romane T. (e.pad/drums), and Marc L. (drums). In "Glacier," just when it seems that it is an instrumental song, the vocals show up. At least initially, the vocals have a Muse sound to them.
     "Glacier" by Spiders Everywhere (currently a free download).


     From Ireland, it’s “Glacier” from James Vincent McMorrow. At least for now, there isn't a Soundcloud stream for the song. However, Youtube comes to the rescue.

     Moving temporarily from song titles to a band title, Racing Glaciers is from Macclesfield, Britain. If you are partial to songs that feature the trumpet, you’ll enjoy the final portion of “South." On the other hand, “New Country” is a good guitar song. Racing Glaciers is not a one trick pony. Both songs are embedded below.
     The members of Racing Glaciers are Tim Monaghan (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Danny Thorpe (guitar, backing vocals), Matt Scheepers (bass, Trumpet, backing vocals), Simon Millest (guitar), and Matt Welch (drums).
     “South” by Racing Glaciers

     “New Country” by Racing Glaciers

     Then there’s singer/songwriter John Grant, who is a former member of The Czars. According to the Facebook page, Grant is joined by Chris Pemberton, Petur Hallgrimsson, Jakob Magnusson, Aron Arnarsson, and Kiddi Agnarsson.
      "Glacier" by John Grant (Beware the "F bomb")

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