Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Luca – From the Indie Obsessive Mailbox (Part V)

     Luca hails from Bemidji, Minnesota. Its members are Sean Murphy, Isaac Parthun, Melody Becker, Brian Oakes and Micah Eriksson. Beyond that, the only thing that we know about the band is that they are producing music we enjoy. Our personal favorites are “I’m Afraid” and “Tomorrow’s December.”
The email invitation to consider the band read:
Hi Indie Obsessive!
      I'm Brian Oakes, I'm part of an indie-folk band named Luca, we just self-released our first album titled, "I'm Afraid" we think that what we have is good, and we want other people to hear it!  Depending on the success of this album we want to gauge what next steps we will take, possibly starting to play more shows and get into a studio to get quality recordings.

Brian, if Luca plays in San Francisco, please let us know.
    Currently, Luca is generously allowing free downloads (“name your own price”) of their seven-track album that includes the two songs embedded below. The Bandcamp link for the download is Alternatively, if you prefer Noisetrade, the album can be downloaded by going to

      “I’m Afraid” by Luca

      “Tomorrow's December” by Luca

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