Saturday, April 9, 2016

An Increased Use of the Harp in Indie Music

     Almost two years ago, a post was dedicated to the increased use of trumpet in Indie music. Now, it’s the harp that is attracting Indie attention. Yes, Florence and the Machine have effectively and beautifully used the instrument for a few years, but it is seldom the featured instrument in a song.
     Arguably, the harp is unique in its ability to be angelic and beautiful. Angelic, since it’s common for a child’s introduction to the instrument is to see a drawing of an angel holding a small harp. And uniquely beautiful, because the beauty of the sound is combined with the elegance in the “big motions” that are part of playing the instrument.
     This year, we have had three chances to see the harp. The first was when Emilie and her harp, which she refers to as Ogden, performed in San Francisco (pictured at the top of this post). The last was in Austin, when we made the effort to see Saint Sister from Ireland (pictured in the insert).

Among our current favorites in the use of the harp are:
     “I Was Gold” by Natalie Lurie 

      “No Mercy In The Night” by Natalie Lurie

      “Ten Thousand” by Emilie and Ogden

     “The Birds of Finland” by Conner Youngblood

     “Faya” by Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate (A 21-string harp and Hip-Hop)

     “Sprout and the Bean” by Joanna Newsome (A post about the use of the harp in Indie music MUST include a song by Joanna Newsome!!!)

     “Little Things” by Hy Brasil

     “Suit of Armor” by Birthmark

      “Air” by Basenji

     “Madrid” by Saint Sister

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