Friday, April 15, 2016

“False Names” by John Joseph Brill – A Song Review

     Last week, a friend provided a playlist of favorite songs. It included three tracks from the Los Angeles band that recently changed its name from No to Black English (that was a wise move – it’s searchable). Listening to the playlist brought to mind other artists with deep voices that are billiard table smooth. Also last week, The Lumineers released their sophomore album. Thinking about their first album brought to mind songs with attractive shouts of “Hey.”

     The only intersection of the two lines of thinking was “False Names” by John Joseph Brill, a singer/songwriter in the UK. As an explanation of the single, Brill stated, “It's a song about a best mate, a tremendous, beautiful, flawed best mate who I wouldn't change for the world and how a mate like that can take you rampaging around a town and make all the darkness and nonsense disappear.”

     “False Names” by John Joseph Brill


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