Monday, April 11, 2016

“Trouble” by Øllebirde – A Song Review

     If the guitar intro leads you to assume “Trouble” is a song from a trio formed in London, you’re right. The guitar does possess characteristics of songs from Daughter (such as during portions of the song “Youth”) or, to a lesser degree, London Grammar. However, after the guitar intro, “Trouble” heads in a different direction, and distinguishes Øllebirde from other attention-deserving trios comprising a female and two males. It’s a different direction, but the hushed vocals do bring to mind another London-formed trio – namely, The xx.

     Øllebirde was formed as a trio in London, but the members are French and the band is based in Paris. Fabrice Ordioni and Jeremy White started as a duo, but Margot Kurtis joined after performing with them at a jam session in Camden Town, London.

    “Trouble” by Øllebirde

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  1. superb song with super rithmics,words,orchestraction
    Good success to Ollebirdd team