Monday, April 4, 2016

Rationale Is Touring – Heads Up

     Rationale is touring and the stops will be our last chances to see him in intimate venues. Admittedly, there is precedent for Indie Obsessive being wrong in a prediction of an impending popularity explosion. No excuses.
     But we now realize that the best expression is less of a prediction of the future and more of a definitive statement regarding the present. As applied to Rationale, the statement is that he certainly has the talent and is taking the right steps to maximize the likelihood that an explosion will occur. Among those right steps – Rationale is scheduled to make festival appearances and will visit at least two continents over the next few months.
Among the limited number of stops in the U.S. is a June 5 visit to Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco. Tickets are available at CLICK HERE.

     Rationale was born in Zimbabwe, and has moved to London.

     Our personal favorite track by Rationale is “Something for Nothing.” Since the song was featured in a post in January (with lyrics), the video is embedded, instead of the Soundcloud stream.

     “Fast Lane” by Rationale

     “The Mire” by Rationale

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