Sunday, April 17, 2016

Band Names – Clever?

     Ronaldraygun, Narc Twain, Day Ravies, LeE HARVeY OsMOND, and Seven Davis Jr. are some suggestions to, if the site decides to update its clever post about “punny band names." The NME selections of Ringo Deathstarr and Com Truise are solid (if interested, the NME article is accessible at CLICK HERE). But other nominations are:
Arthur Beatrice (we are long time fans of this UK band) 
Humfree Bug Art (this one isn't readily apparent - Humphrey Bogart)
Elvis Depressly
Dwayne & The Rock Johnsons
Bate Kush
Gill Bates (this might be his actual name, thanks mom and dad Bates)
Mark McGuire
Berry Bonz
Flint Eastwood 
Kane West
Traci Lordz
Bill & Murray
Barny Rubble
Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr (now JR JR)

“With Nights and Lights” by Humfree Bug Art

“Find What You’re Looking For” by Flint Eastwood 

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