Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Lion Theme – Recommended Songs

     Looking at the intimidatingly long list of blogworthy songs for Indie Obsessive, the word “lion” appeared repeatedly. But there wasn’t any genre-related connection. “Chasing Lions” is an instant attraction, if you appreciate the genre. On the other hand, “Ladylion” is a song that is more likely to remain underappreciated by a listener trying to multitask. Then there’s the video at the bottom of the post, which has little to do with music and much to do with dropping “F bombs.”
     “Chasing Lions” is a song from Natives, which is based in The New Forest, UK. They describe their genre as Tribal Pop.


     inSaturn jumps into the Indie scene with emotion. Using the description from the Facebook page of inSaturn, their music is “an auditory supernova.” Another appropriate term is "operetic." During the song "Ladylion," the vocal power of Beth Cannon, in contrast to the often minimalistic instrumental support, should be the focus of a listener. So, if you don’t have time now, bookmark the Soundcloud version of the song for a more suitable occasion. 

      Dorian Sea is based in Tokyo. The members are Cameron Doran (vocals, guitar, keys), Dale Stromberg (bass) and Gen Inomata (drums). The song “Lion Zebra” is a treat for music lovers who favor piano.

     Chil, the Ohio-Alternative music trio, includes singer/guitarist Nick Batton, guitarist Ian Minnick, and drummer/vocalist Ben Batton.


     The track “Lion Eyes” effectively uses band vocals to qualify the song as blogworthy, then throws in some appealing horns. The song belongs to the band Island Apollo of Orange County, California.

     Making sure this post delves into the Electronic genre, we include “Hey Lion” by SOFI TUKKER. The duo lists their current location as New York.


The below video is for entertainment purposes.

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