Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Savages at the Fillmore – A Concert Review

     Concert Reviewer: Ryan G.
    Event: Savages' April 19 visit to The Fillmore in San Francisco
     From the opening note of Savages’ set to the last, there was no taking your eyes off the stage. They were fast, they were loud and they delivered raw punk rock spirit and energy. Savages’ music is a continuous build and release of tension. In their more restrained moments, they evoke the gloomy post punk of the '80s. Then they erupt like an angry swarm of bees. It’s a big spectrum and it makes for a compelling, roller coaster of a live show. The night featured slow building ballads, frenetic climaxes and even a guest appearance by a team of NASA scientists known as The International Space Orchestra. Never a dull moment.
     Savages’ sound consists of Fay Milton’s rumbling, tom-heavy drums, Ayse Hassan’s driving bass and Gemma Thompson’s hazy, snaking guitar lines. Then there’s front woman Jehnny Beth. A truly gifted vocalist and performer, she was the focal point of the night. Repeatedly launching herself into the crowd and, for one song, turning the house lights on the audience, Jehnny was intent on creating a shared experience. The crowd was with her every step of the way. "Adore" and "Slowing down the World" were standouts on the night.
     While recordings cannot duplicate the experience of seeing Savages, below are two uploads from other attendees. The evening’s setlist is also included at the bottom of the post.
     “Adore” (thank you Tyler King for uploading the video)

     “Hit Me” (thank you “Lairygirl” for uploading the video)

Setlist – Savages at The Fillmore
1. "I Am Here"
2. "Sad Person"
3. "City's Full"
4. "Slowing Down the World"
5. "Shut Up"
6. "She Will"
7. "Husbands"
8. "Surrender"
9. "Evil"
10. "When In Love"
11. "I Need Something New"
12. "The Answer"
13. "Hit Me"
14. "No Face"
15. "T.I.W.Y.G."
16. "Fuckers"
17. "Mechanics"
18. "Adore"

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