Friday, April 1, 2016

“Everything” by Cavalry – A Song Review

     In a post of September 2015, we offered to help Cavalry meet the deadline for being one of the showcase bands at SXSW 2016. We didn’t expect a response and didn’t receive one, but would have willingly helped. Cavalry is based in the UK, so the opportunities to attend a performance by the band will be limited.

     Calvary added “Everything” to their list of available songs and to the reasons to see the band if the opportunity surfaces. The band excels at songs that start slowly while relying on melodic flow and alluring vocals to hold the interest of the listener, before they ramp up the energy. The songs shouldn’t be described as slow burns, since the energy ramps don’t reach a degree that gives rise to a flame. Still, a comparison of the power in the first minute to the power of the final minute of "Everything" is undeniable evidence that the song is dynamic in its nature. The instrumental emphasis changes from acoustic to electric and the vocal emphasis from hushed to soaring.  

     The members of Cavalry are Steven Taylor (guitar), Gareth Dawson (drums), Alan Croft (lead vocals), Austin Logan (guitar) and Paul James Jones (bass).
      “Everything” by Cavalry


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