Monday, April 25, 2016

“Back In” by Roses & Revolutions – A Song Review

     It’s fair to compare “Back In” to a hologram of a carefully removed rose petal – they’re both pleasing to the senses, regardless of the angle of perception. From the vocal perspective, the voice of Alyssa Coco has a sweetness and a purity that can carry Roses & Revolutions across almost any genre. “Back In” is Indie Pop, but her voice has a splash of Country. The vocals are attractive throughout, but finish particularly strongly, despite a fade – “Couldn’t see beyond the fog, Turned around, And in a second you were gone.”
     Then, when viewed from an instrument perspective, the song uses a rotation of instruments, including an acoustic guitar, piano and percussion. But our favorite is the electric guitar. It has the sound of a resonator/Dobro. We searched for a picture of guitarist Matt Merritt holding a Dobro, but couldn’t find one. Doesn’t matter, we like the sound. OK, it does matter some, since we’re hoping the second half of this decade becomes known as the Dobro era (like the 1970s are known as the high point of the twelve-string guitar).

     Roses & Revolutions is based in Rochester, New York. As already noted, the members are singer Alyssa Coco and guitarist Matt Merritt.
     “Back In” by Roses & Revolutions

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